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Are you ready to write your book?

Writing a book, particularly a self-help book, is a fabulous way to share your message with the world, help your audience and support your passion project or your business - all at the same time.

Plus, being an author gives an instant perception of credibility and legitimacy. It puts you in the realm of an "expert". (An “expert”, simply put, is someone who knows a lot about their subject - and you do!)


Just think of it:

You can connect with and help your audience through your book and your writing.

You can set yourself up to be a speaker and gain media exposure, if that’s what you choose.

Or you can write a book for the sheer pleasure of it!


The "How To Write A Self-Help Book" writing course is my gift to you!


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"How To Write A Self-Help Book"

is a a complimentary 7 day writing course that will guide you to not only get clear and focused in relation to your book but to map your book out in it's entirety.

It is important to me that we heart-centered, creative and entrepreneurial folk share our voices and our work with the world.

"How To Write A Self-Help Book" is my gift to you, to help you share your message and your voice!

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What people have said about this free course:

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Very easy to follow, and I found that it motivated me! Much better than going it on my own and staring at a blank page trying to figure out where to start and how to outline everything - and the questions truly made me think of things I would have never thought to include.
— Michelle Lynn


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Breaking down chapters was great, it made it seem more achievable.
— Paul Manning


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Now I see the process of writing a book as a structured and a somehow more standardized process, rather than just a matter of inspiration. Which makes things easier.”
— Daniel Fernández
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Over the 7 days of the "How To Write A Self-Help Book" course, I will walk you through the practical steps to get your book done - including how to choose your topic and chapters, how to outline chapter content, the A+B formula for picking an epic book title and all the additional components to have in place when writing your book.

Each day you will receive a short email and a fillable PDF to help you apply that day's lesson to your own book writing process.

And... the "How To Write A Self-Help Book" writing course is completely FREE!

I know you will LOVE it and that it will fill you with enthusiasm for the book you are going to write.

I can't wait to read the wonderful book you write!


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