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Writing a book is a logical next step if you want to:

★ share your message with the world in a bigger way ★
 elevate the profile of your creative project, business or brand ★
★ establish yourself as an expert in your niche ★
★ set yourself up for greater promotional and publicity opportunities - including media and speaking gigs
★ create a potentially lucrative revenue stream ★



Being an author gives you respect and credibility. It puts you in the realm of an "expert". (An “expert”, simply put, is someone who knows a lot about their subject.)

A book opens doors for you - including the ability to reach and impact a far greater number of people with your work.

Writing a book is a game changer - and can be much, much easier than you may expect!


OK, let's talk business for a minute...

For my business owners: Writing a book, be that a non-fiction book or a self-help book or a memoir, is a modern world "business card". It establishes you as an authority, is a versatile promotional tool, opens the door for increased exposure for you - media opportunities, potential collaborations with influencers...

* and it's a legitimate business expense and even a tax write-off in many countries. *

Think of it like this: you invest in advertising, why not invest in writing a book? it's far more long-lasting and potentially further reaching advertisement. 

Not to mention the absolutely invaluable transformation writing a book can be for you, personally, and the invaluable transformation it can provide for your ideal clients


When you're ready to write your book, what is absolutely CRUCIAL is that you start right and start strong. 

I'm Irish and there's an old saying over here that I love, "Tús maith, leath na hoibre". It means "A good start is half the work."

I also love  the 80/20 rule (or Pareto's Principle) - 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. 

Basically, this all holds true for book writing - start well and the rest will easily follow.


This is where "YOUR BOOK BLUEPRINT" comes in!


Here's how it works:



We'll schedule a 2 hour 1 : 1  Zoom or Skype session.

On this call we will:

 Identify the core message of your book - your mission statement.

Get clear about what you want to say and how you want to express it

Focus on your story - your personal experience with your topic, your motivation for writing and any skills or training you have. We'll zone in on how best to incorporate all of this into your book.

Identify how and where to integrate elements of your story throughout your book to support your message and create connection with your reader.

Talk about your ideal reader and what you want him/her to take away from reading your book.

Outline possible book structures that will best support your message.

Discuss how you can best support yourself by creating a writing time plan and schedule you can commit to - and stick to!


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You'll receive a recording of our 1:1 session.

You'll be able to refer back to this at any time you wish as you write your book and work on various sections.


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For the 2 weeks following your call, you'll have the opportunity to work on everything we went through in our 1:1 session - to further outline your chapters, to make more detailed notes about the stories, to refine your clarity about the connection you want to make with your readers...

You'll have the time to really flesh out everything we worked on in your session, develop your book blueprint further and really feel yourself making tangible progress with this work.


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2 weeks after our initial 2 hour session, we'll have a 30 minute check in call.

This will give you the opportunity to get some extra support and guidance with any issues and ideas that arose for your in your integration work.


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You'll receive a recording of your check in session.

You'll be able to refer back to this at any time you wish as you write your book and work on various sections.


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For 2 weeks after our check in session, you'll have email access to me so you can get feedback and advice on anything extra that comes to mind

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You will get...

❤︎ 2 hour 1 : 1 VIP "Your Book Blueprint" session ❤︎
❤︎ 30 minute check in session  ❤︎
❤︎ 2 weeks of email access to me after your check in session ❤︎
❤︎ Recordings of both sessions so you can listen back as you wish ❤︎


❤︎ Absolute clarity about your book and the core message of your book ❤︎
❤︎ A full outline plan for creating your book - chapter by chapter ❤︎
❤︎ A deep understanding of your audience and how to best connect with and help them through your book ❤︎
❤︎ A strategy for how to integrate writing your book into your daily life ❤︎


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"Your Book Blueprint" VIP Intensive is perfect for you if:

❤︎ You keep hearing whispers in your mind and/or hearing people you know saying to you "You should write a book." ❤︎

❤︎ You are committed to honoring the importance of what you want to write about and to putting your ideas into actions through creating "Your Book Blueprint".  ❤︎

❤︎ You are ready to play bigger in the world, to share your message more widely - and you are ready to take the first steps toward this. ❤︎

❤︎ You will show up for our calls as arranged, do the integration work in the time allocated - and really go all in with this! ❤︎

If this is you, I am so very excited to connect with you and I will be privileged to work with you on your writing.

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Committing to "Your Book Blueprint" VIP intensive is an investment of your energy, time, money and trust.

If you wish, we can have a chat first.

CLICK HERE to access my calendar and set up a 30 minute discovery call with me before you invest - it's complimentary, no strings attached.

We can meet (albeit online!) and make sure we are a good fit for working together.

You can also EMAIL ME HERE if you prefer and I can answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you and I would love to work with you on your book writing journey!


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