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Writing a book is the logical next step if you want to:

★ share your message with the world in a bigger way ★

 elevate the profile of your creative project, business or brand ★

★ establish yourself as an expert in your niche ★

★ set yourself up for greater promotional and publicity opportunities - including media and speaking gigs

★ create a potentially lucrative revenue stream ★



Being an author gives you respect and credibility. It puts you in the realm of an "expert". (An “expert”, simply put, is someone who knows a lot about their subject - and you do!)

A book opens doors for you - including the ability to reach and impact a far greater number of people with your work.

Simply put, writing a book is a potential game changer.



Here's something you may not know:

Writing a book can be much, much easier than you may expect!

What's crucial is that you start right and start strong. 

Maybe you've heard of Pareto's Principle (or the 80/20 rule)? 
Pareto's Principle states that for a great many circumstances 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. 

This holds true for book writing - get the first 20% right (the beginning part, the mapping part) and the remaining 80% will easily follow.


This is where I come in!


Hi, I'm Aoife.
I'm a Book Coach, Book Editor and Writer.

I help authors write their first (self-help, non-fiction or memoir) book to empower them to share their message and elevate their project, business or brand.

I have edited a #1 Amazon Bestseller and my clients have been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Elite Daily and more...

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I want to offer you a very special opportunity

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Here's how it works:


1:1 session

We'll schedule a 90 minute 1 : 1  session and on this call we will:

 Identify the core message of your book - your mission statement.

Get clear about how to integrate elements of your story throughout your book to support your message.

Focus on connecting with your ideal reader and what you want them to take away from reading your book.

Outline possible book structures that will best support your message.

Talk about how to best communicate with your audience.

Touch on how to begin building a platform for your book - before you even start writing!



This session will be recorded so you'll be able to come back to it and study it later and also going forward with your writing.



Build Your Author Platform

This in-depth eBook and Workbook - only available as part of the "Write Your First Book" (VIP Intensive) - will help you get clear about how to build your author platform - even if you are starting from zero and even if you are an introvert.

There are two sections.

The first section features all the information about author platforms and how to build your author platform.

The second section  is a fillable workbook so you can apply everything to your work and begin to take the first steps to create your own author platform.

We'll cover in detail:

Part 1 - Clarity

It's so important to have crystal clarity about your mission and your message that forms a strong through line through your book and into your future publicity and opportunities (and to your signature talks as a speaker if you wish.)

Part 2 - Key Elements of an Author Platform

You'll discover the key elements of an author platform.

Part 3 - Your Personal (Author) Brand

We'll go through how to create your own personal (author) brand. What to share? Where to share it? How to build a reputation for yourself as an expert - and how to cement this with strategic placements and features.

Part 4 - Social Media Content Strategy

How to create a social media content strategy, even loosely, to make sure you are active on social media - and actively connecting with, engaging with and building your audience.



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PDF: Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

This is a comprehensive PDF - only available as part of the "Write Your First Book" (VIP Intensive) - detailing the options of Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing and what you will need to have in place for whichever path you choose. 


email access

You'll have a full week of email access to me after your session in case you have any follow on questions.



Should you decide to work with me as your Book Editor within 3 months of your "Write Your First Book" VIP Intensive, then the cost of this Intensive is fully redeemable against those services.



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For this you will get:

❤︎ 90 minute 1 : 1 session - via Zoom (or alternative) ❤︎
❤︎ Recording of this session ❤︎
❤︎ PDF: "Build Your Author Platform" ❤︎
❤︎ PDF: "Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing" ❤︎
❤︎ Email support for 7 days after the session ❤︎
❤︎ Investment is redeemable against Book Editing services (within 3 months of session


Here's a screenshot of when one of the books I edited - "Drink Less Be More" by Caitlin Padgett - was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

Caitlin #1 on Amazon
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This "Write Your First Book" VIP Intensive is perfect for you if:

You keep hearing those whispers in your mind and/or people keep saying to you "You should write a book." ❤︎

❤︎ You are committed to your work in the world and to what you want to write about - be that a message you have to share or a story you want to tell, a creative project you are passionate about or your business. ❤︎

❤︎ You want to play bigger, be more visible and share your message more widely in the world - and you are ready to take the first steps toward this. ❤︎

If this is you, I am so excited to connect with you and would be privileged to work with you on your writing.
Click on the Paypal button below and I will email you directly with our next steps.

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If you have any questions at all you can email me here.

I am so very much looking forward to working with you!