Here are some of the ways you can work with me:

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Book Coaching means having someone experienced to support and guide you through your beautiful book writing process.

As your Book Coach, I help you find and stay true to your own unique voice. 

I keep you on track, help you troubleshoot any sticky parts, keep you moving through resistance and help to keep you honest - honest both with yourself and honest in your writing.


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A Book Editor is absolutely crucial for any and every writer.

As your Book Editor, I edit with your reader in mind and with their and ease of understanding as paramount. 

I pay attention to your development of ideas, the flow throughout the chapters and the overall book, your expression and your tone, the element of story in your book and much more


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The "Create Your Own Kick-Ass, Heart Centered Copy" Course teaches you how to create strong, aligned, kick-ass, heart centred copy that not only communicates your truth but also feels enjoyable to write. 

It's a self-study course spread over 5 modules and includes videos, audio and written transcripts, fillable workbooks and audio meditations. 


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