Welcome to the Create Your Own Kick-Ass, Heart-Centered Copy Course!

I'm so happy that you have made the decision to join this course and I am very excited for the beautiful writing experiences that lie ahead for you!!

I LOVE writing and I have poured all my secrets and knowledge into this course - holding nothing back! - and my wish is that it will be hugely helpful and special for you!

Aoife xoxo

Create Your Own Kick-Ass, Heart-Centered Copy  
is a 5 module, self-study course (4 modules plus a bonus module). 

It's fully digital and each Module has 3 - 5 lessons in each, with a Video training, a PDF with the Video Transcriptions and with Workbook Exercises for you to go through at your own pace. I encourage you to give these exercises some special time. I'm also including some audio meditations to help you with your writing process.

Click on the links below to be redirected to your module of choice!
Each page is password protected and the password for them all is: KICKASSCOPY

I know that writing can be not only easy for you, but also deeply enjoyable and effective too.

I have worked with so many people on their writing - some were writing a book, some were creating online courses and businesses and others were artists and writers. I have seen people find their voices and find confidence in their voices and their writing, find ease and flow in their creative processes and really learn to express themselves and project themselves and their work in a way they couldn't before. 

I wish the same for you - to confidently find your voice and your flow, to become unapologetic about sharing your work with the world and to come to deeply love writing, as much as I do!

I'm so happy to be with you on your journey!

Please feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts you have.