Resistance can rear it’s tricky little head in different ways for different people - but the most common ways are procrastination, perfectionism, "imposter syndrome" (not feeling good enough), fear of criticism or incompletion/not following through on projects.

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"Break Through Resistance To Write Freely Forever More" Workshop

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The "Break Through Resistance To Write Freely Forever More" workshop covers three parts:

Part 1 -  About Resistance & Creativity

We uncover the most common forms of resistance. We identify the underlying cause of all resistance so you can understand it and release it. We also talk about the nature of creativity and resistance.

Part 2 - Breaking Through Resistance

We go through the main habits of resistance in detail to understand why they show up and keep showing up. Then I give you powerful and simple new approaching and reframes.

Part 3 - Write Freely Forever More

We focus on creating new habits and beliefs so that you can support yourself in writing and set yourself up to write freely forever more.

Please remember that changing habits takes patience and persistence. Be gentle and kind with yourself but firm at the same time. You can do this!

I hope you LOVE this workshop!

Aoife xo

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