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Regardless of what kind of book you want to write, how you want to publish, who your audience is:

Building your author platform is absolutely crucial.

Your author platform (or writer platform or book platform) is something that you will be building and adding to on an ongoing basis. It’s basically a key part of your life’s work. It's important for you, for your audience, for prospective literary agents and publishers, for places you will want to be reviewed and published.

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So, what is an author platform?

Well, your author platform involves your skills and experience, your body of work, your social media, your interaction with your audience - and more.


The key elements of an author platform are:

1. Your body of work

This includes the writing you have had published, speaking engagements you have done, collaborations you have done, courses you ran in relation to your subject and reviews/testimonials you have garnered.

2. Your website

This could include an active blog and possibly other examples of your writing. It could include testimonials and reviews or interviews you have done. It should also include an opt-in box to collect email addresses and build your audience.

3. Your social media

Your social media is a fabulous way to build your audience - to interact with people and to share about your life and your work (building your brand). Make sure to keep this up to date and active.

4. Author Brand

Everything you do online and in person will become what people associate with you and what you are known for.

A key part of building your brand involves what you regularly post about your work and your life - generally on social media.

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I know this may all sound a bit daunting, but don't worry, I've got your back!

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“Build Your Author Platform” is an eBook to guide you to do just what the title says!

The first section is an eBook, which  features in depth information about author platforms and how to create yours.

The second section is a fillable workbook that guides you through building your own, unique and authentic, author platform.

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Happy writing!



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