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What is your story to tell?
What do you want to stand for in life?
What's your message to share?

I love talking to people, listening to their stories. Happy and sad and everything in between.
I find that when you ask a simple question and leave the space for people to share and when you really want to listen - people share openly.

Usually it starts with "How is your day going?" or I ask where they are from. When they start sharing, I say "Tell me more" and the stories unfold...

So often as people share their stories they tell me they would love to write a book.

When I ask why they haven’t written a book before now, they usually tell me that
they wouldn’t know where to begin and that that they wouldn’t know how to get it out in the world.

Well, these are things I can help with.

Before I do, I want to tell you something:

Writing a book does not have to be a "someday" thing.

Really, it’s simply a matter of following a simple set of steps and doing a bit of work – and like all the good things in life the work is enjoyable work.

Writing IS enjoyable. And cathartic. And challenging. And often emotional. And so very fulfilling.

Your stories and your creativity and your work mark your experiences and your energy and your life. You honor them as you write about them. As you share them you help others.

You become a teacher or an entertainer or a torch-bearer. It's true.

I have something to help you!

It's an Ebook called "Book Creation - A Simple Step By Step Strategy"

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"Book Creation - A Simple Step By Step Strategy" 

★ Is designed to help you ride the wave of inspiration as it comes - get you started, help you get clear, help you map out your ideas and get you moving and making awesome progress with your writing. ★ 

★ Provides a clear outline of the steps to take to create your book. ★ 

★ Includes a fillable workbook section for you to make all the notes that come to mind for you in order to map out your book. ★

★  Features a Book Creation overview that you can save to your desktop or print out and pin to your wall. ★ 

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I want you to know:

Writing a book is not an elusive kind of dream, something for someday, something overwhelming.

Writing is a book is for you. In your life. Right now.

Download the "Book Creation - A Simple Step By Step Strategy" PDF below to discover the simple steps to take to write your book and get it out into the world. 

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Thanks for being here and if you have any questions at all you can contact me here.

Happy Writing!



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Here's a screenshot from when a book I edited - "Drink Less, Be More" by Caitlin Padgett - was a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

Caitlin #1 on Amazon
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