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Aoife helped me find my voice

I am so grateful to have found Aoife when I did!!

This was my first book, and I remember feeling scared to start my first draft. That fear was soon assuaged by the genuine care and meticulous attention with which Aoife treated my writing.

Whenever I receive a review or comment along the lines of "this book is just like having a conversation with you" - I have Aoife to thank. One of my biggest requests what that she help me stay true to my own voice and that the content of my book be accessible. That said, I have a tendency to get too verbose or slide back into overly academic writing. Aoife helped guide me back to myself and to break down complex concepts so that the reader could easily understand. 

She is a gem to work with and I would not hesitate collaborating with her again.

Health and Lifestyle Coach & Author

Caitlin's book "Drink Less, Be More" is an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

She's helping me push myself out of my comfort zone.

I did not have any hesitations at all [about working with Aoife]. I felt completely comfortable with her, which was very important to me as my book is very personal and vulnerable. 

I really feel like I am able to share very vulnerable feelings and emotions with Aoife without being judged. There are things that I have shared with her that I have never told before.

I have found that I am pushing myself more out of my comfort zone. I also noticed that I am digging deeper when writing and expressing my emotions. 

Thank you for holding space for me. 

Possibilitarian, Business Coach & Prosperity Coach

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The depth at which she understood what I was trying to say amazed me.

If you are thinking about working with Aoife, I’ve two words for you:  stop thinking. 

While working with her, Aoife gave me space to speak from my heart.  Even better, she really, truly heard what I had to say.  How do I know?  It shows in the copy she created.  I can see my own thoughts in her words, words that are charged full of energy, words that are engaging. 

Working with Aoife was a breeze, and the depth at which she understood what I was trying to say amazed me.  It was truly a pleasure!

Mindset Coach for Emerging Women Entrepreneurs

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A whole new book emerged!

I am so glad I decided to work with Aoife! I had an inkling that I wanted to write a book for years, but the reality of actually writing it felt truly overwhelming.

With Aoife's infinite patience and love, she guided me through the process of writing and editing in a way that felt easy, fun and authentic. I put down a lot of my stories about how my writing “should” be and a whole new book emerged!

I highly recommend working with her, she is a total delight and a fantastic coach.

International Clutter Coach & Author

Aoife took my program to the next level!

You need to hire her today! 

Aoife is a breath of fresh air, not to mention her bubbly personality makes it a real joy to work with her. She took my program to the next level with her great suggestions, creative ideas and amazing skills as a writer. She has become my go-to for copy, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Love Coach

She made me feel encouraged.

Being a person who is extremely sensitive to criticism, I was apprehensive at first to have Aoife read my book [draft}.

Her feedback was respectful and detailed. She wasn’t afraid to give critiques, but she did so in a way that made me feel encouraged, not disheartened. I truly valued that.

I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to give honest but gentle feedback on their work. 

Life Coach & Author

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