Editing is an absolutely crucial part of the Book Writing process. In fact, your book just won't work without it!

I work as a Book Coach and Book Editor. 
Let me share some more about Book Editing and how you can work with me to get help and support with your writing.


There are multiple elements to keep in mind to ensure that your book reads clearly and engagingly.

When I perform a book edit, I keep multiple areas at the front of my mind:

I edit with your reader in mind and with their ease of understanding as paramount. 

I pay attention to your development of ideas and I am alert to whether a piece may need a little more expansion and detail or whether it may need to be trimmed and adjusted. 

I focus on the flow throughout the chapters and the overall book, both in your development of ideas and in your expression and your tone. 

I pay attention to the element of story in your book, depending on how you choose to use this, especially the stories you decide to share about yourself. Storytelling is a powerful way to emotionally bring a point home to a reader and I edit with the delicate balance of enough/too much in mind.

I carefully focus on wording, phrasing, accuracy, grammar and syntax.

I focus on ensuring that your authentic voice is a through-line in your book and that your reader can feel really connected with you. This is very important.

I do a full Developmental, Copy and Line Edit of your work, making and suggesting edits and changes for you, as you wish. 


I specialize in non-fiction and memoir.
Pricing is customized according to individual projects (and payment plans are available).


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