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On this page you can learn all about Book Coaching and Book Editing - simply click on the boxes above or scroll down the page.

If you still have questions, please feel free to EMAIL ME and I'll be able to answer them for you!

Aoife xo

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Writing a book is a deeply personal experience.

 It's a transformational journey that leads you to look deeply into yourself.

You have to really want this - and that's what makes it so powerful. You can feel it, though - that deep desire to write pulling you and calling to you.

Writing a book can be an intense process. It demands creating a sacred space to create. It demands a willingness to go deep, to be honest, to have faith and to trust. It means being open to your intuition and guidance and being willing to follow your intuition and be guided. 

It is deeply rewarding - and it doesn't have to be hard. 

When you are willing to do this work there is a way for it to beautifully flow. In fact, when you anchor in to your creative process and what works best for you, you will be beautifully surprised by what opens up for you and where your writing leads you - and by how easy it is!

About Book Coaching

When you're writing a book, it's easy to get fully immersed in what you are doing. It's normal to find yourself a bit stuck in parts or to feel a tangible resistance around what you are writing. It's when you are in the thick of the writing that you may need a little help.

This is where your Book Coach comes in... 

Having a Book Coach means you have someone working with you throughout your writing process to support you, to help you troubleshoot any sticky parts, to keep you moving through any resistance and to keep you honest, too - honest both with yourself and honest in your writing.

About Working With Me As Your Book Coach

When I am your Book Coach we have a Coaching Call every week or every two weeks. We focus on what you’ve written and worked on since our previous call, we talk about how this writing period was for you, about what is working well and in particular any areas you feel a little stuck or where you need some attention to get these places flowing better.

We give time, as needed, to exploring why a particular section of writing may feel problematic, how to uncover why this may be and glean any guidance that may be housed within. Then we tease it out and get you back feeling good and in flow with your writing again.

We focus some attention on where you are going with your writing for the period of time between our present call and our next call - what areas you are going to focus on, what you intend to write and the ‘why’ behind all of this. This gets your brain and your energy lined up and pre-processing what is coming next and can serve to make the actual writing part much easier.

Book Coaching keeps you on track in your writing process and you get valuable feedback and support with any questions you have. You keep moving forward, working easily through any tricky areas, rather than getting stuck.

Although the focus of our calls will mainly be on the writing process, we can also take some time to focus on building your author platform, the platform for your book, and to talk about how you can prime your audience to receive your book.


About Me

Hi, I'm Aoife.

I LOVE working as a Book Coach. I begin and end each of our calls with a short, grounding meditation to set a sacred space for our work together. 

Although I have years of experience helping writers with their book writing, book editing and their copy, I feel my real gift is still in my strong intuition about where to guide writers to go a bit deeper, be a bit more honest. I am there to occasionally ask you some difficult questions and give you helpful feedback and tangible guidance.

I specialize in working with creatives and entrepreneurs, particularly first time authors. I specialize in non-fiction and memoir.

It's my superpower to help you get over your fears, find your flow with your writing, be in full alignment and able to write easily and with confidence.

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Would you like to have a chat to find out more about the book coaching process or about working with me as your book coach?

Let's set up a call.

❤︎ It's complimentary and there's no obligation whatsoever. ❤︎

CLICK HERE to schedule your call.

I look forward to talking with you!


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Editing is an absolutely crucial part of the Book Writing process. Your book just won't work without it!

Many writers make the mistake of thinking they can edit their book themselves, but, truthfully you absolutely need experienced and fresh eyes on your work. 

Types of Edits

In terms of editing, there are multiple elements to keep in mind to ensure that your book reads clearly and engagingly.

A developmental edit is focused on the content part of the writing - how ideas flow, tone of voice, consistency, development of concepts, structure and so on.

A copy edit is more focused on phrasing and grammar and the nitty gritty of the language.

A proofread is just that - aiming to do a final check that everything in your manuscript is good-to-go. (I prefer to do what I call a proofread & line edit, because that's what it feels like - being acutely focused line-by-line.


About Working With Me As Your Book Editor

Depending on the program you are part of or the edit you require, the type of edit I perform will vary.

In general, however, I like to edit with multiple areas in mind:

I edit with your reader in mind and with their ease of understanding as paramount. 

I pay attention to your development of ideas and I am alert to whether a piece may need a little more expansion and detail or whether it may need to be trimmed and adjusted. 

I focus on the flow throughout the chapters and the overall book, both in your development of ideas and in your expression and your tone. 

I pay attention to the element of story in your book, depending on how you choose to use this, especially the stories you decide to share about yourself. Storytelling is a powerful way to emotionally bring a point home to a reader and I edit with the delicate balance of enough/too much in mind.

I carefully focus on wording, phrasing, accuracy, grammar and syntax.

I focus on ensuring that your authentic voice is a through-line in your book and that your reader can feel really connected with you. This is very important.

My specialities.

I feel that my real speciality as an editor is my strong intuition.

This guides me through each edit and what needs to be adjusted or expanded upon or removed feels very clear and evident to me, as does where the author can delve a little deeper or share a little differently.

I think editing in this intuitive way is what makes the editing process so enjoyable for me.

In more practical terms, I specialize in self-help, non-fiction and memoir.

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Would you like to have a chat to find out more about the book editing process or about working with me as your book editor?

Let's set up a call.

❤︎ It's complimentary and there's no obligation whatsoever. ❤︎


CLICK HERE to schedule your call.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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