Accepting And Expressing Your Creativity As A Gift To Humankind (Yep!)

I have a special video for you today!

This is my conversation with the wonderful Vicki Reisima as part of her “Perspectives” video series.

In this video we talk about creativity and about accepting and expressing your creative life force as a sacred act of love to yourself and humankind. (Yep!)

I share - very excitedly! it's a while since I was interviewed!! - about the experiences that led me away from and back to music/singing and we talk about boundaries, embodiment, following our passions, embracing our emotions and even clairsentience.

I absolutely LOVED this conversation with Vicki and I hope you enjoy it too!

On a personal note, I speak in this video about people I love who also love me and in the moment of talking and mentioning everyone I could think of I forgot to mention my niece. So for the record here I want to say that I love her very dearly too! 😊❤️

I’d love to hear your takeaways from this interview - please feel free to post in the comments below and here are some links following on from the interview:

To find out more about Vicki Reisima go HERE or you can join her (awesome) Vibeology Club Facebook Group HERE.

The link for my "Write Your Non-Fiction Book" Free Writing Course is HERE - go on! Take the first step to writing your book!

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Thank you for being here and thank you for reading and watching.

As always, I wish you lots of happy writing!

Aoife xo