Hi, I'm Aoife.

(Aoife is Irish and sounds kinda like "Ee-fa".)

I'm a writer, a book coach and a book editor (and a qualified Journalist too).

I have edited an Amazon #1 bestseller and clients of mine have been featured in places like Forbes.com, Huffington Post and Elite Daily, amongst others.

I have a superpower of helping people unblock their own ability to write - and write confidently, powerfully and in a way that feels really, really good.

Writing has always been my thing.

About five years ago, I started offering my help to business owners, creatives and new authors who were struggling with their writing. 

I helped these people find their own voices in their writing. I helped them with course creation, with blog writing, with guest posts and with their books. I helped with editing and critiquing too. I did all of this for fun and to be of service. Soon, people started to approach me wanting to work with me and officially hire me.

I have worked with clients in all sorts of areas and industries - health and wellness, music, business, coaching, graphic design, love/dating and spirituality.

I love what I do!

I love that I get to help people express themselves confidently, with ease and in their own true voices. I love seeing the amazing results that come back to them as a result of our work - publicity, sales, being positioned as an expert in their field, having a new-found love and confidence for what they do and being able to show up bigger in the world!

My favourite thing is to work with authors, helping them to create their books to share their messages and support their awesome work in the world.

It's a pretty cool thing to get to do - and the ripple effect of all of this makes me very happy!

Why "My Message Is Love"?


Well, to me Love is our life-force energy that flows through all we love to do and create in the world

My Message Is Love is about owning and employing that Love so you can express yourself passionately and powerfully in your own words and share your truth with the world - for yourself and others.

Also, I LOVE writing. I am a writer and a songwriter and it rocks my world to get to sing songs I have created.

I LOVE life! I do my best to live from a place of openness and Love every day. 

Maybe you're here because you love writing too or maybe you are struggling with your writing and want to learn how to write more easily.

I want to reassure you: If you can talk to people you can write!

Even if you find it hard to talk to people, you can still write, because you can take the time in writing to express yourself in a way that everything comes out perfectly - exactly as you want it to. 

With everyone I have worked with on writing - and that's a LOT of people - it's only ever a matter of tweaking a couple of habits or unblocking a couple of things and the writing flows. Then it gets to be really fun!

Some other random things about me...

As you know by now, writing is my thing! As a 9 year old child in school, Friday afternoons were painting time. I convinced my teacher to let me write stories instead.

I am certified in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness and have additional training and qualification in the practice of Mindful Self Compassion. I love teaching these things to people!

I LOVE music. I sang and toured all over the States and in Europe in my rock band, Moth Complex. I'm now starting to work on my first solo album, which is so exciting for me!

I've kept a journal since I was 15 and have boxes and boxes and boxes of them!  

I love baking vegan cakes and scones with funny ingredients (Black Bean Brownies, Sweet Potato Brownies... you get the idea). I love how they are super healthy and taste so good!!

I love traveling, Anti-gravity and Acro Yoga, dressmaking, action movies, knitting, Pilates, taking random dance classes (from ballet to hip-hop), kayaking and so much more... LIFE, basically!

So much to LOVE!!

Thank you for being here with me!!



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