Welcome to My Message Is Love! 

This is a website all about writing.

So...  you LOVE what you do, whether that is a creative project or a message you want to share with the world or a business you are starting or working on.

You need to write about it - in your website copy, in blogs or in a book you are creating to support what you are doing.

You want to write in a way that is CHARGED - that strongly and clearly and eloquently communicates what you do, why you do it and especially how you can help the people you are ideally suited to working with. You want to write in a way that really connects with your ideal audience and draws them into your world.

When you have writing like this, that is powerful and truthful and that you can really stand behind, it's so much easier to go BIG with what you're doing - especially when it comes to sharing and promoting it.


Here at My Message Is Love, you will learn how to write in a way that is not only powerful, truthful and effective, but that is natural, that flows and that you can enjoy.


Hi, I'm Aoife.
(Aoife sounds kinda like "EE'fa")
I'm a writer, a Book Coach and Book Editor - and the creator of My Message is Love.

I have traditional, real-world writing chops (I'm a qualified Journalist, I have edited an Amazon #1 Bestseller and my clients have been featured in Forbes, Elite Daily, Mind Body Green, Huffington Post and more).

 I also have a more personal skill, which is the heart-centered approach I take to the Book Coaching, Book Editing and Writing I do.

Traditionally, Book Editors, Copy Editors and Copywriters work with words - and so do I.

However, I believe that what really matters is the energy behind the words, the feeling behind what is written and the emotion being put across.

It’s the feeling behind your words that connects you emotionally with people - and them with you.   

(Know what else powerful, aligned writing means...? Visibility - Publicity - Sales. It's true!)

Want to create writing you love, feel confident about and feel proud to share with your audience, your clients and your dream audience-and-clients-to-be?

You're in the right place!

Welcome to My Message Is Love

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